Namal Senaratna

Founder and Managing Director

This is My Story

As a dynamic entrepreneur who built his enterprise from scratch, Namal’s is an inspirational rag to riches story. His journey began as he’d hit rock bottom with just 500 rupees to his name. Fast forward to a decade later, the company is worth 4  million USD in assets and a team of certified professionals.

Determination, hard work and the persistent will to deliver are trademarks of APTS. “If you want to succeed, you must deliver what you promise and deliver it with quality,” are Namal’s work motto to inspire his team.  “Avoid wealth without work and knowledge without character,” is another phase he believes in as his achievements are strongly founded upon on honest and integrity in business ethics. 

His expertise in the IT field spans over 17 years and include marketing, branding and sales, leadership and mentoring, relationship building, project, delivery and operational management.